12 June 2010

Washing Clothes in the Rainy Season

So with the rainy season also comes the end of school. What does this mean? Something my postmate calls the Grand Kid Exchange. Every 'summer' most of the kids from village leave to see the city and the kids from city come to village. Specifically for me this means my house boy is going to Douala for the summer. I am taking this as a good time to work on doing things myself.

Lately I have been washing all my clothes and my floor all by myself. I never knew I could be so proud of a clean house/clean clothes. And the reason I originally got someone to help me out was because I would spend a whole day working on this stuff and barely finish by the end of the day (no time for the sun to dry my clothes before nightfall). But the last time I washed my clothes it only took about 3 hours and since I started really early, everything was almost dry by the afternoon.

Here is the problem, though. I left my clothes out while I went to market (yesterday was Nzemendzemé, the small market day). I almost made it home and then it started pouring. Then all of my clothes fell on the ground because of the wind. So at the end of the day my clothes were dirtier than when I started and all wet again. Oh well, I learned that I need to buy clothes hangers and not leave my clothes out if I go to market.